Each month at the Eternity Inc. Website, a new poll is released.

2012 pollsEdit


Feb poll

February poll results

February's theme was: "What project would you like to have Eternity Inc. make? The results made no impact on the group, but gave the general idea as to what people were looking for. The winning option was Super Eternity Bros.


Mar poll

March poll results

The theme of the march poll refected upon the recent occurrence of the Website Revolution, providing users with the following options
  • Yes
  • Kinda
  • no
  • HECK NO!

The winning result was HECK YEAH, ultimately telling the team that the revolution had been a success. It was later archived, and can be found here



April poll results

The April theme was "What should our mascot be?", providing users with the options to vote on their favorite animal of the five provided:
  • A dragon
  • A serpent
  • A liion
  • A bird
  • or A wolf

The poll resulted with the dragon option winning. The poll was later archived, and can be found here.