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Eternity Inc.'s My Evil Sisters: The new series was a series of stop-motion-animation short films, referred to as episodes. Within, this series, lives two demon children, named the Red sister, and the Blue sister. And they happen to be evil. Late April, it was announced that the project was terminated.


The episodes in this series, are usually quite short, due to the effort put towards making just one episode. The process is explained as follows: A series of pictures are taken, and saved to an SD card. Within an image editor, each and every picture is modified, to make each and every aspect look as evil as possible. The pictures are then looped together, by scripts in a scratch program.

Introductory EpisodeEdit

This episode is intended to be an introduction to the series, and to provide a contest for the scratch community. The contest involved the making of a project that expressed one's idea for an episode. The winner, is to be provided with an episode for their idea, and a number of loveit's on their own project. It can be found here