Eternity Monsters is an upcoming series of games,

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artwork, music, books, and more! The preview, which includes the first 10 pages of the book, released 2/29/2012 for non-newsletter subscribers and 2/25/2012 for newsletter subscribers, which is currently being followed by the E-Website Revolution, which began March 1st. The full release date, subject to change, will be sometime in June 2012.[1] The first game began production on 3/23/2012, and on the same day, the logo was redesigned. To get an e-mail update when a book is released, you can subscribe below:

The MonstersEdit

The Monsters, are the core aspect of this series, as they are a AI system, that is built to battle one another, to unlock their own, full potential, having gone to the growing infestation of humans in the datascape.


The attributes, are the elements, that categorize what attacks different monsters can take, as well as divide the monsters up into different categories of elements, such as Pyre, the name for the fire-like attribute. Each one is given its own unique name.


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